• Dr.K.I.Sivaprasad Assistant Professor, Department of Tourism Studies, Central University of Kerala


Vision 2047, role of Indian Tourism, Kerala Tourism, Developed nation, Growth.


By 2047, India will complete 100 years after its independence. By then, the people of India unitedly dream that India will become a developed country by all means. International rating agencies predicted that India will become the third biggest economy (GDP-wise) in the world by 2030. Although growth has slowed down due to COVID-19, data shows that most sectors are currently in revival and on a booming path. Tourism is one of the vital sectors that significantly contribute to the growth of India by providing jobs and revenue including accumulation of foreign exchange money. Kerala, popularly known as God's own country, a southern state, with heavy potential in tourism, has a huge role to play in making the dream that India as a Viswa guru, a reality. This study aims to explore the current and future potential of the tourism sector in India and Kerala and to what extent it is capable of propelling the dreams of India to become a nation with an 8.5 trillion Dollar GDP by 2030. It is found that if we can timely resolve all the drawbacks with proper planning and execution, the Tourism sector in India can achieve its goal before the targeted time, which will help the dream of crores of poor and oppressed people to come true, that India will become a developed nation. It is suggested that intense research and development work and the adoption of the best possible technology along with the right marketing campaign help us to accelerate the pace of development and accomplish the target within the minimum possible time.




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