• Dr.J.Eugene Lecturer, Institute of Hotel Management Catering Technology & Applied Nutrition C.I.T Campus, Taramani, Chennai – 600 113


French, Language, Tourism, Education


A significant amount of momentum has been gained in French as a Foreign Language in recent times, and it continues to flourish as a language that is highly sought after by young people everywhere. The French language is considered to be an inescapable language in hotel schools, which is why it is interesting to note that the tourism business in India receives the highest number of tourists from France. Additionally, the French food has effectively established itself as an antique cuisine. During the time that Tourism and Hotel Management courses were being developed, the French language was more prevalent in the sense that it gained the most popularity and was believed to be required to be learned as part of the requirements for the course. Under the circumstances that currently exist, is the French language still a preferred choice? The purpose of this paper is to provide a response to this question and to take into consideration the various facets of the French language. This piece of writing is one of a kind since it employs the qualitative research method to portray the purpose in a manner that is both moving and compelling. This engaging narrative article is an interesting one to read and treasure because it is interwoven with primary and secondary sources and contains rich theoretical insights.




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