• Dr. Utpal Rakshit Assistant Professor, Samuktala Sidhu Kanhu College, Alipurduar, West Bengal


Rural education, Technology, ICT, Problems, Enhancement.


According to Article 45 of the Indian Constitution, every citizen of India has the right to receive basic elementary education, regardless of their location. However, even after 64 years of independence, many states in India are still struggling to achieve universal enrollment, retention, and quality education. This is particularly true in rural areas, where there are over one million schools in 638,000 villages across the country. These rural schools are essential to increasing the literacy rate in India, where over 40% of the population is illiterate. The primary goal of these rural schools is to provide access to education and raise the level of literacy in rural India. However, many schools in rural areas are inadequate and often equivalent to being non-existent. As a result, the Indian government has initiated programs to establish and improve schools in these areas. Despite the challenges, the conditions of rural education in India are improving steadily, and the government is providing full support and numerous initiatives to make education accessible to all. One significant aspect of these rural schools is their low fee structure, which ensures that every child can afford to study. The government understands the importance of education in uplifting the socioeconomic status of rural India and is committed to ensuring that every child has access to education. By providing access to quality education, the government is not only fulfilling its constitutional obligation but also empowering rural communities to improve their lives. In conclusion, education is a fundamental right that every Indian citizen deserves, regardless of their location. The establishment and improvement of rural schools is crucial in increasing the literacy rate in rural areas and uplifting the socioeconomic status of rural communities. The Indian government's initiatives and support for rural education are commendable, and it is essential to continue to focus on improving access to education for all.




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