• Dr.Sangeeta Dinesh Pethkar Founder Directore, Nrityasadhana Classical Dance Academy, Nashik


Pancham-veda, Dance, Yoga, Spirituality.


Context: NrityaYogsutra (NYS) is an innovative dance therapy based on Yoga and Indian classical dance which is regarded as Pancham Veda1,2 and mentioned as a form of yoga1 & spirituality1. It has newly formulated 78 dance movements to achieve physical health and mental wellbeing. NrityaYogsutra is a graceful dance form of ancient yogic movements (Asanas) and Hasta Mudras performed on a soothing meditative music through which one can also get the benefits of Acupressure and Chakras to achieve physical, mental health and spiritual well-being.

Aims: To observe the benefits of NrityaYogsutra yoga dance therapy technique to improve body and mind coordination along with physical and mental health . Also to observe the benefits to reduce stress and increase the quotient of happiness amongst the participants.

Methods and Material: survey conducted on 25 participants for 6 months followed the method of Likert scale and open ended questionnaire. A paper of 20 questions with five options (strongly agree, agree, neutral, disagree and strongly disagree.) given to all the participants to answer by tick mark in the given box after the 6 months practice of NrityaYogsutra.

Statistical analysis used: Qualitative.


74.4 % participants strongly agreed with the NYS statement. 23.4% agreed with NYS statement and 2.2 neutral answers. There were no answers against the statement of NYS.

Conclusions: 97.8% participants answered in favour of NYS statements so the conclusion of the survey is that innovative NrityaYogsutra technique is very beneficial to improve the body and mind coordination along with physical and mental health , stamina, flexibility and it also reduces stress and increases the quotient of happiness.




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