• Latipova Soniya Shokir qizi Tashkent State University of Economics


Communication, communication management, leadership communication, managerial communication


Communication has become very important in the modern professional and social context. It has broken the conventions of just give and take of messages. For an effective leader or manager the importance of communication becomes manifold. It is very important tool that drives home the effectiveness of the leader or manager. How does he communicate? When does he communicate? Effective communication is indeed crucial in both professional and social contexts. It goes beyond simply exchanging messages and involves various aspects such as active listening, empathy, clarity, and timing. To whom does he communicate? How does he respond to communication? These are the important elements for a leader or manager in communication and communication management. Leaders or managers or would be leaders and managers have to comprehend and perceive this communication and look ahead of the road. One can grasp the untold word, the invisible symbol or sign or reading the unwritten word and the unexpressed body language. “The Godfather” a very famous fiction work by Mario Puzo is an excellent tool of learning for the students of management, management processionals and even leaders and managers from variety of perspective. Intent reading of the novel also gives one an idea that primarily it is not a novel of crime, justice, character and a thriller; it is an in-depth study on human mind and psyche. Analyzing the classic film "The Godfather" from the perspective of “family values” in the context of communication patterns is an interesting approach. “The Godfather” directed by Francis Ford Coppola, is known for its portrayal of the Italian-American mafia family, the Corleones. While the film primarily revolves around organized crime, power struggles, and morality, it also subtly highlights the significance of family and relationships in the communication dynamics. Here is how "The Godfather" can be used to emphasize the importance of serious communication and family values in professional life. In the process of analysis, this paper focuses on grasping the communication and contact between the main characters in the film, and analyzes the family warmth and love revealed in it.




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