• Dr. Asha Rathi Assistant Professor, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies, Jai Narain Vyas University,Jodhpur (RAJ.)
  • Dr. Maya Prajapat Guest Faculty, Department of Business Administration, Faculty of Commerce & Management Studies, Jai Narain Vyas University,Jodhpur (RAJ.)


COVID-19, Marketing of Services, Telecom Sector, Internet/Data Services


Marketing is an important process in meeting out the needs of a target market by exploring, creating and delivering the values of products or services. Marketing of services is a specialized branch because it takes care of three more P’s of marketing mix viz. People, Process & Physical Evidence in addition to traditional 4 P’s (Product, Pricing, Place & Promotion).

Telecom sector plays a vital role among consumer as it provides various services like wireless mobile services, internet / data connectivity (fiber technology or broadband) & telephone connectivity for voice communication. etc These are essential services for all sector now a days be it education, commercial, administration, health & medical etc. People want to stay connected with the whole world.

As the services have some unique properties (in comparison to products) like Intangibility, Ownership, Inseparability & perishability etc, marketing of telecommunication sector services are slightly different.

Due to pandemic (COVID-19) people has witnessed lockdown, e-learning, work from home (WFH), online education etc. Global telecom service providers played a significant and vital role in overcoming the various problems raised due to COVID 19 pandemic. And because of these the demand of internet / data services increased by a significant level.

The expectations from telecom service providers got increased as people are spending more time on internet and consuming more data on various social media platforms. Now subscribers want uninterrupted services round the clock and immediate super quick restoration of servicers, if any outage occurs.

In this paper an attempt was made to present the consequences of COVID-19 in marketing of services especially the telecom sector. For this, important data were collected from websites, journals, reports & consumers through questionnaires. All the data were studied critically to reach the conclusion.




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